Supercharge AI using Human Powered Data.

High-quality machine learning training data developed from authentic user experiences.

Providing the highest quality human-annotated data for training AI models


Highest quality data annotations, ensuring your AI performs at its peak

Speed & Scalability

With our large annotator community, we scale for any project size

Cost Effectiveness

Superior data labeling without breaking the bank


Tailored data solutions for your unique annotation needs


Fraction AI

Terabytes of human annotated images, videos, text, audio and more


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Trusted by leading ML & AI Teams

Trusted & Used by the best

Our Products

Empowers the community to submit data and earn rewards

Engineered for real-world AI

Fraction AI empowers data scientists, ML engineers, researchers, and AI innovators worldwide, facilitating accelerated machine learning through improved data processes

Trusted by leading ML & AI teams

Covering the entire ML lifecycle

Why Fraction AI

Having years of industry know-how, we blend machine learning and human input to provide exceptional labelled data for training your models

State of Art ML technologies

Diverse worldwide community

Crowdsourcing technologies

Robust web3 infrastructure

Elevating AI Capabilities

Leveraging the expertise of our community, we are spearheading advancements in artificial intelligence worldwide.


What does Fraction AI provide?

We provide you domain specialized labelled data for all steps of training AI models. Be it image, text, audio, video, we do it all. We create tailored data collection pipelines highly optimized for your usecases and all our data is created by humans to prevent any biases

What types of datasets are available on the platform?

Our offerings encompass various data formats, including text, images, audio, and video for all kinds of AI applications. We also offer tailored solutions based on your specific requirements

How do you bring down data costs?

1. We source data through our decentralized marketplace to ensure optimal free market prices.
2. Our community actively enriches a collective data repository, spanning numerous domains. This data's versatility in serving multiple firms leads to significant cost reduction.

What if I want a dataset exclusively for myself?

Sure thing! We offer a bespoke private data service, tailored to your job specifications that our community will actively work on. You can also choose to keep the data private to you.

How does Blockchain come into the picture?

Well there are several reasons for that:
1. Transparency: Using blockchain allows us to keep the entire data generation process in public domain and ensure that the generated data is of the highest quality
2. Global Participation: Since anyone from anywhere can participate in the data generation process, we're able to get a diverse set of data points. Otherwise a lot of time and effort goes into vendor contracts and there are a myriad of regulatory issues across countries
3. Quality Professionals: Blockchain as a technology attracts a great number of quality professionals and we're able to leverage this and reach out to the best talent from various fields for our data generation process

What sets Fraction AI apart from other data providers?

Fraction AI attains unmatched data quality by adding immutable verification proofs on chain for each dataset. When combined with our global workforce, this approach yields large-scale, high-quality datasets tailored for AI applications.

How do I get started with sourcing data?

Great to see your interest! Just book a demo, get on a call with us and we'll handle the rest!


Fraction AI

200 Park Ave South, New York, 10003


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